2018-04-19 18:29:42

I. Register

On the homepage of our website, click 【Register】 button, or click 【Free Register】button in the part of the Login field..

CoinTiger supports SMS registration and email registration as the two ways through which users can register a new account.

After entering the phone number/email account, you will receive corresponding verification code. If you do not receive this verification code, please check if the SMS/E-mail has the interception function enabled.


Before completing the registration, new users should read CoinTiger's terms of service, disclaimers and privacy policy carefully.

II. Deposit

Click on 【Funds】, then select the coin you want to deposit. Click on 【Deposit】.

Please note that blockchain transactions are irreversible and as such you're advised to

carefully cross-check the address which you intend to send your funds. Sending crypto-assets to mismatched wallet address may result in the loss of funds.


BTC Deposit

After creating an account, the system will automatically assign you a BTC  address, with which you can deposit BTC. You can also scan the QR code of the wallet to transfer your BTC asset.


ETH Deposit

After creating an account, the system will automatically assign you a ETH address, with which you can deposit ET

H. You can also scan the QR code of the wallet to transfer your ETH asset.


LTC Deposit

After creating an account, the system will automatically assign you a LTC address, with which you can deposit LTC. You can also scan the QR code of the wallet to transfer your LTC asset.


III. Trading

Click on 【Exchange】, choose the trading pairs you want and start to trade.

There are two types of orders available on CoinTiger exchange, namely:


1. Limit Order

2. Market Order


Limit Order

A limit order enables you to set a price and amount you would like to buy or sell at a given price. Eg: If the current market price in TCH/BTC market is 170 and you intend to sell lower than that at 169, then you must place a limit sell order at 169.

In the event the market reaches 169 and a buyer’s bid matches with your asking price, your limit order will automatically be executed at 169. If your order has not been filled, please check your limit price to ensure you have not offered a competitive price. You must be patient for the market to align with your limit price, otherwise you must set your buy/sell order at market price for immediate execution.


Market Order

A market order executes immediately against the prevailing price available in the order book. Market orders are filled automatically provided that there are available asks and bids. A market sell will match against the best available bids on the order book, and a market buy will match against the best available asks on the order book.

Market orders are often used to execute rapid trades. For quick execution of trades, set your bidding/asking price to market price.


IV. Withdrawal

Open 【Fund】,click 【Withdraw】,and choose the crypto-currency to withdraw.

If you haven't set a fund password before, please first set a fund password


For example: BTC


Add withdraw address

Open 【Fund】-【Withdraw】, and click 【Add Address】(If you have added the address ,ignore this step).

In the pop-up page, fill in your personal wallet address, tag information, and submit.
*The address label serves as a reminder of the address which your assets are sent. Please fill in the label for easy identification and reference purposes only.


(2) After adding the address, fill in the withdrawal information as required:


* The commonly used withdrawal address can be set as the authentication address. (After initial setting, subsequent withdrawal to this address will not require fund password and email verification.)


* The online fee refers to the fees payable miners when you withdraw cryptocurrency. Take BTC as an example, The miner fee is approximately 0.0005 BTC and users can also specify the miner's fee. Generally, the higher the fee, the faster the speed of confirmation of transaction on the network.


V. Guide on how to enable Google two factor authentication (2fa)


In order to ensure the safety of Cointiger customers' funds, CoinTiger exchange launched  Google Authentication system. This Google 2fa binding is currently not mandatory, however CoinTiger users are advised to enable this function so as to add an extra layer of security to their account.


To enable Google 2fa of your CoinTiger account,  please take note of the following steps:.


(1) If you haven’t downloaded Google Authenticator app, please open the relevant app store (either Google Play  or App Store) search Google Authenticator and download.


(2).Login CoinTiger, and click the 【Account】


(3).Enter the 【Account】 and find the option of [Security Level] in the left menu.


(4)Click 【bind】 in the Goggle Authentication column.


(5)When the binding page opens, a  secret key will be displayed (please take note of your secret key). Enter the mobile phone verification code and open Google Authenticator app to scan the QR code displayed on the screen. 

Manually enter the  displayed 6-digit code in the Google Authenticator app  and click on 【submit】.


6.After the final step, your CoinTiger account is bound to the Google 2-step authentication. For enhanced account security, we recommend that every CoinTiger user enables this function.