The bull market of crypto-currency over the past 2017 has popularized the widespread perception of crypto currencies marked by Bitcoin. As an emerging investment, crypto-currency is recognized by more and more people as its high yield and easy circulation around the world. Many high-net worth investors began to consider crypto-currency as a new option of their investment portfolio besides stocks, funds, insurances and trust, etc.

However, the crypto investment is subject to high risks with high volatility and prevalent speculating behaviors. The market is starved for professional investment institutions and well-designed derivative products to help investors make professional decisions and gain more stable returns. CoinTiger Growth Fund comes out of strong market demand. It gives full play to CoinTiger’s advantage as a professional crypto trading platform, and provides crypto-asset configuration services for investors.

As the first crypto CEF(Closed-End Fund) in the industry, CoinTiger Growth Fund has following characteristics:

1、Established by CoinTiger and world famous investment institutions. With deep industry insight and professional analytical capabilities, the CoinTiger Growth Fund can do a multi-dimensional future prospect and income analysis of each blockchain project, make the rational value investment become the indicator of the market.

2、With the rapid development of the global blockchain project, the size of such blockchain funds will become larger, and the strength of institutional investors will be enhanced, which can effectively smooth market fluctuations.

3、There is a huge number of people who are interested in block-chain and crypto-currency, but have no accessible information channel and limited investment and analysis ability. The CoinTiger Growth Fund will be the best choice for them to share the future dividends of crypto-currency industry.

The CoinTiger Growth Fund will start operation from April 11th, 2018, the initial amount is US$ 3 million, and the initial net value is 1. Its position and net value will be published weekly on

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